Company Information

As a digital commerce company, our strategy includes offering exciting proprietary, exclusive and name brand merchandise using online, mobile, social media and our commerce infrastructure, which includes television access to approximately 87 million cable and satellite homes in the United States. We believe our greatest growth opportunity lies in leveraging this digital commerce platform in a way that engages customers far more often than just when they are in the mood to shop.

By investing in new brands and offering a more diverse product assortment presented in an engaging, entertaining, shopping-centric format, we believe we will attract a broader customer base targeting a wider demographic. At the root of our efforts to attract a growing customer base is a focus on expanding and strengthening our relationships with the brands, personalities and vendors with whom we do business.

In addition to offering our customers a more diverse assortment of compelling merchandise, we are focusing on increasing awareness of the Evine brand while at the same time augmenting our distribution footprint, with the goal of expanding our customer base. Properly executed, we believe these initiatives may provide us a greater opportunity to grow our top and bottom lines in a more meaningful and competitive way.